6.1 Communicate Dispatch to Customer

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Communicate Dispatch to Customer
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

Inform the Customer that the required goods have been dispatched and communicate the expected arrival date via the official UNHRD-Customer Service e-mail account, making reference to the PI. In the delivery prealert include the standard text below:

Please be so kind as to confirm that items have been received in good condition and they are compliant with the approved Proforma Invoice (PI). In the event of damages, missing items or non-compliance, you are kindly requested to send a detailed description of the problem with items/services provided. In both cases, messages should be sent to UNHRD.Customerservice@wfp.org.
As indicated in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), acknowledgement of receipt should be provided by returning a copy of the relevant, signed cargo document (waybill, delivery note, other cargo receipts, etc.).
The duly signed Packing List-Proforma Invoice should supplement these documents and, in exceptional circumstances, can be used as receipt acknowledgement in lieu of the afore-mentioned cargo documents. As also stipulated in the SOPs, please note that, in absence of the above (i.e., receipt acknowledgement by consignee), the proof of delivery will be posted in the system seven (7) days after the freight forwarder has confirmed proper delivery of cargo.

As stated above, Customer Service has to post the proof of delivery (PoD) upon acknowledge of receipt from Partner (which has to be archived in the OUTGOING file as hard-paper, (together with a whole set of shipping docs and most important exchange of mail) or upon receipt of delivery confirmation from freight forwarder, within the following 7 days.

Note Hint: On a monthly base Support Office provides the list of outstanding PoDs as monitoring mechanism of control. Anyhow, UNHRD Focal point for the monitoring through the Alert Report, must perform their own checks at hub level. Details on the UNHRD Alerts are available in Chapter 11.7 UNHRD Alerts.