5.2 Update Sales Order Status to enable Delivery

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Update Sales Order Status to enable Delivery
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction : WingsII – VA02

Open the Sales Order that was provided by Customer Services:


Set the Delivery block field (usually from ‘Waiting for Approval’) to ‘blank’:


Note Hint: This is the latest stage where the material lines have to be added; these action can be avoided either at the Inquiry and the Quotation stage (e.g. in case of cargo composition not well defined by the Partner). In case of partial shipments (e.g. cargoes shipped in multiples rotations), the material lines might be added (or modified) in the SO to comply with cargoes compositions. In this case, the line items for the materials have to be inserted in groups to reflect the final compositions, so that the system will derive the required lines per ea of the cargoes/departures.