5.9 Print Picking List

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Package the NFI
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction Lt31

To print out the picking list from the Transfer Order, follow the path below:

Logistics > Logistics Execution > Internal Whse Processes > Stock Transfer > Print Transfer Order


Enter the warehouse number and the TO number:


In the Print Control Data field select the proper print code from the dropdown menu; best print out to select is number 21:


Select the WINGS printer name from the drop-down menu or enter it in the Printer field:


Click on the top printer icon to print the picking list:


In case the printout does not come off from the picked printer, click on System on the top menu of WINGS and select "Own Spool Requests":


The system shows the screen below. Select the printout listed on the spool list and click on the printer icon circled below: