5.6 Confirm Transfer Order

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Confirm Transfer Order
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction : WingsII – VL02N & LT12

To derive the Transfer Order number from the Outbound Delivery document run transaction VL02N or follow the path below:

Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Shipping and Transportation > Outbound Delivery > Change


Enter the Outbound Delivery document number and press the ‘Document Flow’ button:

5.9 1.png

The Transfer Order Number can be found in the WMS transfer order line:

5.9 2.png

Take note the Transfer Order number. Then, to confirm the Transfer Order, use the following path:

Logistics > Logistics Execution > Picking > Confirm Transfer Order > Single Document > In One Step

5.9 3.png

In the Initial Screen, enter the Transfer Order number derived from above, the Warehouse Number (i.e. ‘BR1’ for Brindisi), and then press 5.9 4.png :

5.9 5.png

In the ‘Overview of Transfer Order Items’ screen select all the line items, press the ‘Confirm Internally’ button and then ‘Save’:

5.9 6.png

The system prompts with a message notifying that the Transfer Order was confirmed:

5.9 7.png