5.5 Execute Material Picking

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Execute Material Picking
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction : WingsII – VL02N / LT15

When the Outbound Delivery is created, it is required to perform the picking of the materials. Picking of non-perishable items is based on FIFO (First In - First Out) strategy while perishables are managed thru FEFO (First Expired First Out) strategy.

Picking strategies

Applying FIFO ensures inventory is an accurate reflection of reality and limits the possibility of revalidation of stocks. When the oldest products are chosen for shipments, this provides an improved experience for the Partners, as they receive consistent products whenever they order from UNHRD, thus making it easier to implement their own First In First Out inventory management solution for distribution to beneficiaries. Similar to FIFO, perishable items managed with FEFO have to be picked first, based on their expiration date, not on their arrival into the warehouse. Picking in WINGS is performed thru the creation of one or more Transfer Orders.

Create Transfer Order

Open the Outbound Delivery document to create and confirm the transfer order for delivery:

5.8 1.png

To create the Transfer Order use the following path from the top menu:

Subsequent Functions > Create Transfer Order

5.8 2.png

Click on ‘Yes’ when the message below appears:

5.8 3.png

The system now allows the user to create the Transfer Order. Enter the Warehouse Number used in the Delivery Order (e.g. BR1 for Brindisi), the connected Plant (i.e. ITHD for Brindisi), the Outbound Delivery Document number and press 5.8 4.png:

5.8 5.png

Click on ‘Generate TO’ and fill every line item with the desired information such as Type, Storage Bin and Stor. Unit from the Bin Report:

  • Check the quantity (red circle)
  • Click on confirm (red circle)
  • Insert in the movement data in the section “from”, the “Typ”, storage bin, storage unit (red circle) as found in the Bin status report:


The system automatically assign the Type 916 (WINGS dispatching area) and OD number as bin since the material is considered as moved in the dispatching area of the warehouse. Click on enter 5.9 4.png Click on ‘Generate + Next Mat.’ in the ‘Prepare for Stock Removal’ screen:

5.8 6.png

For each line item, confirm the Transfer Order by clicking on the match box and hit 5.8 7.png until you reach the ‘Overview Deliveries Screen’:

5.8 8.png

Click on 5.8 9.png to save the Transfer Order and note the TO Number.

Note Hint: Selecting the Individual Slip with Inspection text box on the Header Data side, the system automatically generates the Picking list. To provide the storekeeper with the goods to be picked, the picking list has to be printed out as detailed in Chapter 5.9 Print Picking List

Corrective action in case TO is not create

When the system moves the user to process the transfer order as subsequential function, it might return the error 'No items that are to be picked were found':


In that case it is required to edit the Outbound delivery and enter the Storage Location in the field 'SLoc' at lines level


How to remove some items from the Transfer Order

In case it is required to remove some items from the cargo when Partner decides not to ship some items any longer, run transaction LT15 or follow the path below:

Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Shipping and Transportation > Picking > Cancel Transfer Order

Select the line(s) related to the items that need to be returned back in stock from the TO and click “Inactive” and save: