5.11 Execute loading operations and complete reporting on handling service

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Prepare Service Report
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant and Warehouse team
Transaction :

5.14.1 Prepare Service Report

The Operation Service Report is initialized with Customer, PI, and information on shipment.

5.14.2 Execute the NFI Handling / Loading Services

Once the loading operations have been completed, the NCIFPL exported from the system has to be signed in the part related to the Certification of Commodities Loaded, by the Logistics officer for UNHRD and by the representative of the Carrier to certify the hand over of the cargo from UNHRD to Transporter:


Scanned copy of the signed NCIFPL must be attached to the Outbound Delivery created in the system as confirmation of such hand over. The need of attaching to the Outbound Delivery the scanned copy of the signed NCIFPL serves also as audit trial, since the document represents the confirmation of the fact that cargoes was made available to the requestor and in line with provision of service. To complete such confirmation, and when transport service is provided through UNHRD, it is furthermore required that scanned copy of NCIFPL signed by receiver is attached to the Proof of Delivery (PoD) posted in WINGS. Follow the instructions related to the attachment functionality available on 3.17.3 WINGS attachment functionality. By attaching these documents to the Outbound Delivery and the PoD, WINGS is also used as common repository place for all UNHRD cross-functional units.

NOTE Signature from driver of truck, captain of aircraft or any other representative of the carrier, has to be collected either if the transport service is contracted through UNHRD or if it is self-contracted by Partners (i.e., EXWorks shipments).

5.14.3 Prepare the Customs declaration

Prepare the customs declaration according to local customs requirements.

5.14.4 Prepare Service Report

Prepare, print and release the transport accompanying documents such as the Airwaybill, the Cargo Manifest, and other required documentation, and deliver them to the responsible officer.