5.10 Print the Final Packing List

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Print the Final Packing List
Performer: Logistics
Role: Logistics Assistant
Transaction : WingsII – VL02N

To print out the Final Packing List use the following path: Extras > Delivery Output > Header

5.13 1.png

  • In the Output Screen double-click on ‘Final Packing List’ (ZLD0) 5.13 2.png :
5.13 3.png

  • In the following screen, specify the printer by choosing ‘PDF TestPrinter’ as the Logical destination and click on Backarrow.pngto get back to the main Output screen:
5.13 4.png

  • Here, click on ‘Further Data’:
5.13 5.png

  • In the next screen, choose ‘Send immediately’ from the drop-down menu for the Dispatch time and click on Backarrow.png to get back to the overview:
5.13 6.png

  • Click on 5.13 7.png to save the Outbound Delivery and start printing