4.9 Provide relevant Spending Units with Budget Codes

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Provide relevant Spending Units with Budget Codes
Performer: Finance
Role: Finance Officer
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

Send by corporate e-mail to the Customer Service unit the budget codes to be used for procurements of NFIs, Transport, and Services. The budget codes can be divided as follows:

  • for multimodal (sea and land) transport: Shipping (OTS) -> FR
  • for air transport: Procurement unit - UNHRD -> FR
  • NFI replenishment and service: Procurement unit - UNHRD -> FR
  • Staff / Travel: HR / Travel Focal Point Support Office -> FP=S.0001.5.98 + Amount (US$)

Further to the details on the Down Payment regarding the funds codes to be used, Finance unit provides Customer Service unit with the details on the Funds Reservation. Within the table detailing the details of Down Payment, Finance unit provides a column dedicated to Funds Reservation and its lines, to support Customer Service unit to identify the the Fund Reservation number/line wo be applied to any procurement of goods and service per ea single line related to operations and service provisions and based on the SO specifications:


Funds Reservations is not issued for services provided by UNHRD internal resources (i.e. WBS of series S.0001.5.xx)