3.21 Forward signed PI to Logistics

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Request Replenishment & Services Costs Estimate
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : Corporate e-mail (not UCS mailbox)

Forward the signed PI to Logistics unit

Customer Service Assistants are required to forward the signed PI to Logistics unit and confirm the destination address of goods and or services. The PI has to be sent by the use of office mail account, not via UCS shared mail account.

To retrieve the list of PIs that requires to be sent to Logistics, it is possible to obtain from the system the list of Sales Orderss. To access this report use transaction VA05 or follow the path below:

Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Subsequent Settlement > Customer Rebate Arrangements > Environment > Customer > Environment > List of sales orders


Search for Sales Order by Customer code

Select the Customer (‘Sold-to party’) by clicking on the drop down-menu icon:


Enter the search term in the ‘Name’ field and click on 1.2.2 13.png:


The system will prompt with all the entries that contain the search term:


Select the appropriate customer code and click on 1.2.2 13.png. The system will populate the customer code in the Sold-to-party field:


To define the search you can select the criteria below and click 1.5 1.png:


Then fill in the following information:

  • Sales Organisation: ‘SHRD’
  • Distribution Channel: ‘CS’
  • Division: ‘01’
  • Press ‘Enter’


Search for Sales Order by specific hub

If you wish to restrict the search to a specific Hub enter the plant in the ‘Sales office’ field (e.g. ‘AEHD’); there are some variants that can be selected by clicking on Displayvariant.png; click on 1.2.2 13.png; the system will return the list below:


Search for Sales Order by status and self created Sales Orders

It is possible to restrict the list of Sales Order to be displayed by their status "Open Sales Order" or displayed "All orders". Click on "My Sales Orders" if it is required to obtain a list of self created Sales Orders. This option can be combined by above status of Sales Orders.


Sort and save the list of Sales Orders displayed

The columns can be sorted, filtered, etc. and the list can also be saved as usual (see the screen shots below):

List > Save > File


Save the list as a Spreadsheet in a folder of choice:


To select a folded of choice follow the instructions in the Chapter 2.3 Print the Provisional Packing List