3.11 Complete PI header data

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Complete PI header data
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representatives
Transaction : WINGSII - VF02

To insert the Footer Texts in the Pro Forma Invoice use the following path:

Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Billing Document > Change


Insert the Pro Forma Invoice number to be changed:


To edit PI Header and Footer information, use the following path:

Goto > Header > Header texts


In the ‘Header Data’ screen, select the ‘Head.text’ tab, double click on ‘PREPARED BY:’ and insert the name of the Customer Service Representative:


Double-click on ‘CERTIFIED BY:’ and insert the Hub Manager’s name & title:


Double-click on ‘AUTHORIZED BY:’ and insert the Partner’s Release authority name & title:


In case it is required to add any note in the PI footer, double click on ‘ NOTES’ and enter any text required to be added on the PI. Click on ‘Save’ 1.2.2 15.png and receive the confirmation of successful document update: CreatePI3.png

NOTE In case it is required to record any information on Partners tracking numbers that has to be reported in the PI, follow the instructions in Paragraph 5 of Chapter 3.2 "Create Sales Order".