2.3 Print the Provisional Packing List

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Print Prov. Packing List
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : WingsII – VA13

Print the provisional packing list from the Inquiry (from display view - transaction VA13). Insert the Inquiry number and follow the menu path described below:

Sales document > Issue output to


Select the Message type "ZBA0" for Provisional Packing List and press the ‘Print’ button:


Click on Savedocument.png to select the location where to save the Provisional Packing List as a PDF, otherwise click on Cancel.png to cancel:


To select the location where to save the Provisional Packing List, click on ‘Computer’:


The system identifies the drivers and local drives by adding the ‘$’ symbol after the letter that maps the drivers. The user local drive is ‘C$’ that usually corresponds to WINGS mapping letter ‘V:’ and not ‘Local Disk (Y:)’


Select the folder where to save the file, enter a file name and click on ‘Open’:


In case the Provisional Packing List has to be printed directly on the WINGS printer, select the Output device to be used (i.e. LOCL for default printer or select the printer available from the drop-down menu)and click on ‘Print’:


An example of a Provisional Packing List is illustrated below: