2.2 Check Weights/Sizes

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Check weight/size
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : WingsII – VA13 and MM03

Check volumes and weights of the stock materials codes entered in the line items of the Inquiry (or following quotation or sales order), by accessing the Material Master database.

Go to Chapter 11.6 to learn how to check the information in the Material Master database.

If the materials requested by the Partner is not available in the Material Master database, it is because such materials have never been stored in UNHRD warehouses. I this case new material codes have to be created. Go to Chapter 11.6 to learn how to request the creation of new materials.

NOTE: The management of Material Master database is reserved to Support Office. Thereof any request for new materials or amendments of existing materials has to be submitted to Support Office; go to Chapter 11.6 about how to request the creation of new material or amendment of existing ones.

Extension of materials to other plants/HRDs and Valuation Types can be requested to the Support Office. Should part or all the information on a material be missing or out of date, ask the WMS Process Expert at the Support Office to update the material master data in the system by submitting the Material Master Request Form