2.1 Check Stock Availability vs. WBS

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Check stock availability
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : WingsII – MD04 - CJ03 - CN41N

Check the material availability vs. stock owner, or Suppliers prepositioned Stock

This check is performed against the UNHRD Inventory in order to provide a real estimate of the delivery time of the requested items to the Partner. This action allows to check whether all stock is available and to decide where to pull the stock from, from stock owned by Partner, thru Loans and Borrowing, procurement from Suppliers prepositioned Stocks or from any another hub not between those geographically closest to the place of delivery. Also check of Inventory Stock balance is required every month to confirm to UNHRD stock levels for Suppliers prepositioned Stocks.

Display the UNHRD Project structure

The stock ownership is identified thru the access of the UNHRD project structure which contains all UNHRD WBS elements. In order to display UNHRD project follow the path below or go to transaction CJ03:

Logistics > Project System > Project> Special Maintenance Functions > Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) > Display


Enter S.0001 in the Proj. Def. field and click on enter 1.5 1.png:


The system display the categories that identify the UNHRD Structure; the categories related to the stock ownerships are S.0001.1.01 for WFP FOOD ITEMS (Procurement Programme Support Stock (Food)), S.0001.4.01 for WFP NON FOOD ITEMS (Procurement Operation Support Stock (NFI)), S.0001.4.02 for NOWFP NON FOOD ITEMS (Procurement Programme Support Stock (NFI)) and S.0001.4.04 for SUPPLIERS STOCK ITEMS (Procurement SUPPLIERS STOCK). Below table summarizes the WBS element to be applied to WFP NFI inventory stock:

WBS element Description Comment
S.0001.4.01.002 WFP/GLOBAL RESERVE Demobilized items
S.0001.4.01.003 WFP/CRS Corporate Response Stock
S.0001.4.01.004 WFP/RMQ Security stock
S.0001.4.01.005 WFP Any generic WFP stock
S.0001.4.01.006 WFP/ETC IT stock assigned to ECT unit
S.0001.4.01.007 Aviation Aviation stock
S.0001.4.01.008 WFP VISIBILITY ITEMS No longer in use
S.0001.4.01.009 WFP/RB Asia Bureau RBB stock
S.0001.4.01.010 WFP/Management Services Division MSD stock
S.0001.4.01.011 WFP/ Cash-Based Transfer CBT stock
S.0001.4.01.012 Fleet Center Fleet Center stock
S.0001.4.01.013 WFP/ Regional Bureaux Panama RBP stock
S.0001.4.01.014 WFP/Global Fleet Global Fleet stock
S.0001.4.01.015 WFP/Temperature Sensitive Logistics Temperature Sensitive Logistics equipment and items

NOTE In case of procurement for any internal partner of specific materials no-WFP/Corporate Response Stock related, it is recommended to apply the generic WBS S.0001.4.01.005 assigned to “WFP”. Same approach has to be applied either the items are procured by applying in-transit process or on-demand, when the procurement of WFP NFIs is not related to WFP/CRS items.

The UNHRD structure is mainly changed when new External Partners join UNHRD Network:


For the selection of proper WBS element to be applied to external Sales, consider the RELEASE AUTHORITIES database on UNHRD Portal as reference

Export the UNHRD Structure from the system

To export the UNHRD Structure from the system, follow the path below or go to transaction CN41N: Logistics > Project System > Information System > Structures > Project Structure Overview


Enter "000000000001" as PS Info Profile (Project Management Selection), if required, and "S.0001" as Project; then click on Execute.png:


The system displays the structure condensed in categories:


By clicking on the button circled below the system expands the structure:


To export the table click on the icon circled below in red:


Select the Save to file and identify your driver by clicking on Computer icon and the select the preferable export format:


Enter the filename and click on save 1.2.2 15.png.

Display the list of Stock requirements

To run the availability control report, run transaction MD04 and insert the desired Material Code and the Plant as specified in the Inquiry click on 1.2.2 3.png :


Here below the list of selectable UNHRD plants:

UNHRD Plant code available in WINGS UNHRD Plant Country name available in WINGS UNHRD Plant City name available in WINGS
AEHD United Arab Emirates Dubai
GHHD Ghana Accra
ITHD Italy Brindisi
MYHD Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
PAHD Panama Panama City
UGHD Uganda Tororo
KEHD Kenya Mombasa
ZAHD Johannesburg/Durban South Africa

The system indicates the quantity available under the specific WBS Elements (identifying the stock owner – e.g. No. 5 below), quantities booked by other Inquiry\Quotation\Sales Order (e.g. No. 2 - against SO 65 line item 0001) and the current balance (e.g. No. 3) under the specific WBS element; same information will be included by the system in case the material is available under another WBS element:


The stock is either available (MRP element equal to ProjSt) or under replenishment (MRP element equal to POitem or PRitem). In case the material is available (MRP element equal to ProjSt), the system shows the SO or PO number and their line item:


By clicking on MD04-3.png the system shows the Project stock, SO or PO details:


By clicking on MD04-5.png the system displays the relevant WBS description, SO or PO.

Relese of WFP Corporate stock

In case of sale to Internal Partner of WFP Corporate response Stock (WFP/CRS), the release authority specified at paragraph 3 'Establishment of new release procedures for the CRS held in the UNHRD' of Memo applies "WFP Corporate Response Stocks (CRS) and the UNHRD Network". Also the Release form - right click and "save target as" - to certify the release of WFP/CRS items has to be provided for archive purposes.

In case of a requestor's stock shortfall, materials can be asked to other partners as loan from their stock; this process known as Loans & Borrowings requires the involved parties agreement and the funding made available by the service requestor to be used to replenish the stock owner inventory. An all comprehensive explanation of Loans & Borrowing process can be found in the "Loans & Borrowing process" document, while a detailed and technical description regarding the Stock Transfer / Loans & Borrowings process can be found in the "Stock Transfer Processes within UNHRD" document.

The request of loan has to be submitted by UCS representative to the lender party and when release will be obtained(submitted either via mail or any other communication means), it must be provided to the Support Office to allow the posting of the loan in the system. Support Office will inform the involved hub, and HRD Finance and Procurement unit by providing the agreement number assigned to the loan (e.g. AEHDNFI00000056); the agreement number must be recorded in all the WINGS documents (e.g. PR, PO, SO, OD etc.) and provide us the PR number thru which the items will be replenished to be returned to the Lender. It must be noted that all the loan postings, as well as the PRs and POs which will be raised with regards to the loan and borrowing process must have the Agreement document attached, which is the PDF version of the confirmation from the Lender release authority that approves the borrowing of items.

Revaluation of Stock

It is possible to apply revaluation of Inventory Stock for both internal and external Partners. Upon receipt of specific request, the Support Unit requests Finance to apply the revaluation of stock items on the base of the justification provided.

The stock can be revaluated to zero value, if required. It is not possible to differentiate the unit values of stock recorded with same material code on the base of Partner's invoices, as WINGS applies the Moving Average Price (MAP) as method to manage the Price Control of stock. Tracking of single value of stock by incoming can be provided by WINGS report named "Material Document List" through transaction MB59 as detailed in Chapter 10.3 NFI Receipt.

Chapter 11.9 How to list materials revaluations contains details on how to report the changes of values by material code thru revaluation process.