11.9 How to list materials revaluations

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List of materials revaluations
Performer: Logistics/Warehouse
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : WingsII - MR51

Stock revaluation is applicable on the UNHRD Inventory stock balances as consequence of specific request from stock owner.

Revaluation might be required to depreciate inventory when degraded during the storage, because of owner’s internal Financial reasons, etc. It might also be required to increase the value of stock inventory in case of refurbishment of items.

In order to apply a revaluation of stock inventory, it is required to collect via mail the formal authorization from owner of the stock and submit the request of revaluation to Support Unit.

When posting the revaluation, Support Unit attaches the request to apply the change of value received from owner of stock. When the posting is saved, Support Unit informs HRD requesting unit by providing the information on the changes entered, so that the Partner can be informed as well that the changes have been applied.

If it is require to display the postings related to revaluation of materials of to extract the report of revaluations posted on UNHRD inventory stock, go to transaction MR51 or follow below path:

Logistics > Materials Management > Inventory Management > Environment > Inventory Controlling > Environment

Click on Variant-selection.png to select the variant related to UNHRD revaluations and click on Apply-selection.png :


If required apply any change on the specifications applied to this report, e.g. to filter the date fields to limit the report to a given date or a range of dates, to limit the report to a specific plant or to some material codes, and click on Revaluation-execute.png  :


System shows the required report listing the adjustments by document posted. Systems returns information on revaluation as listed below where the amount in Loc. Curr. column represents the difference between the old and the new value; thereof in case the old value is lower than the new one, systems shows information on revaluation in red (see highlighted in purple below), otherwise it shows changes in green (see highlighted in blue below):


By double clicking on a given document number, the system shows the details of the revaluation:


By clicking on Revaluation-attachment-list.png selecting Attachment list, the system shows any document attached to the posting as justifications of the revaluation itself: