11.3 Activity Report POD Monitor

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Delivery Activities and PODs Monitor
Performer: Logistics staff
Role: Logistics Officer and Logistics assistant
Transaction : ZSCRVL06 / Delivery Activity and POD Monitor

Monitoring of Outbound activities

In order to keep control of the operational flow performed by UNHRD it is possible to run a specific report that provides data on outbound activities, either completed or to be completed.

Delivery Activity and POD Monitor

A WINGS customised report can be used to control the activities performed with regards to outbound deliveries and monitor the proof of deliveries. The report is named "Delivery Activity and POD Monitor" and is available thru transaction ZSCRVL06:


Outbound Delivery monitor

To monitor the status of Outbound Deliveries click on "Outbound Delivery Monitor":


Enter any required specification to restrict the search to required data, e.g. Sale Office, Shipping Plant - HRD hub of departure-, WBS element, material number, etc. Most common search are for activities performed on a given lapse of time. In that cases the search has to be restricted to when the cargo has left HRD premises, use the field "Act. Gds Mvmnt Dat" or a range of dates:


In case it is require to search for any open Outbound Delivery, meaning those for which Good Issue has not been posted, the "Created on" date can be used:


A selection of Variants are also available to restrict the report results by clicking on AR6.png.

Once the systems prompt with filtered result, the list can be displayed and further filtered by one of the Layouts available by clicking on Layout.png:


One the following Layouts can be applied:

  • /FULL HRD with description "Free selection - Item view" to list all Outbound Deliveries that have GI posted
  • /FULLHRDOPEN with description "HRD FULL VIEW of ODs without GIs" to list all Outbound Deliveries that don't have the GI posted
  • /HRD ODS CHK with description "Open ODs to be checked GW/VOL/VAL/WBS/CY" to list all Outbound Deliveries to check the main information such us gross weights, volumes, values, WBS elements and Country of Destinations

Proof of Delivery

To monitor the Outbound Deliveries by Proof of Delivery, click on "Proof of Delivery":


Compared with standard Proof of Delivery report accessible thru transaction VLPODL, this customized report allow the user to apply several additional searching criteria (all those field marked with an initial "_". The following most common selection criteria can be selected:

  • Sales Office
  • Shipping Plant
  • WBS Element
  • Delivery number
  • Del. Created by
  • Commodity (i.e., material code)
  • Sold-to party
  • Ship-to party
  • Country of destination
  • Delivery creation date
  • GI date

The report shows the standard information on PODs and allows the user to mark the POD on the selected Outbound Deliveries directly from the report. The added value of this report