11.11 UNHRD Free-zone management

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UNHRD Free-zone management
Performer: Logistics and warehouse team
Role: Logistics roles
Transaction : WingsII – ZSLG063

The UNHRD hubs obtained the provision of Free Trade Zone facilities or alternatively of Customs Bonded Warehouse for the storage of the prepositioned stock on behalf of partners. To comply with the Customs requirement as a customs trusted entity, the UNHRDs are required to produce accurate stock inventories periodically or on-demand as a rule with Customs reference numbers for all the items in stock and to monitor Inbound and Outbound movements. Every hub benefits out of WINGS to maintain data related to Customs movements and provide periodical reports or when required. As of that, it is possible to track in WINGS-WMS all inbound shipments, from their receipt up to their dispatch, by a unique identification number (commonly called ‘Bill of Entry’ –BoE-, or ‘Import Declaration’, or ‘Customs Declaration number’) and by the associated Harmonized System (-HS code-).

Operating HRD business under Free-zone management in WINGS makes the Inbound Customs clearance hassle free very much faster and ease the preparation of Customs export processes thanks to the variety of warehouse data under the free-one management which includes Vendor’s batch, serial and chassis numbers, Partner's POs, HS codes & Country of Origin and improves the quality of reports to Partner and Customs authority. Recording of above information starts from inbound process thru the good receipt posting and it is granted by the management of materials thru batches, where the information are actually recorded:


Information is kept in the batches from items receipt, until the items remain recorded in WMS, when they are picked for dispatching and after dispatching. At outbound stage the import references as well as country of origin are listed on the Final Packing List/No commercial Invoice to comply with requirements from Customs to track the items also when they leave HRD warehouses/fee-zones managed by HRD:


The Free-zone data together with Vendor batch and Chassis/Serial numbers, have be included in different standard and customized reports available thru a dashboard called UNHRD BoE Dashboard which includes below reports:

  • Material Document List (2 variants started from WINGS standard transactions MB51 and MB59)
  • WM Stock Lists (2 variants started from WINGS standard transactions LX02 and LX03)

To access the dashboard go to transaction ZLSG063. Select the option MB51 or M59 to access the list of movements for the materials thru the Material Document Lists or select LX02 or LX03 to access the list of items in stock thru the WM Stock Lists and click on Execute.png:


By selecting the option MB51 or MB59, the system shows same selection criteria of the standard WINGS reports; additionally they can filter the list by entering selection criteria in the fields related to Bill of Entries, Bill of Entry dates or HS codes, by single entries or ranges:


The information provided by the customized Material Document Lists selecting MB51 or MB59 available thru the BOE dashboard, includes all standard data plus information on the Free-Zone management and Vendor batch:





Same FREE ZONE information can be filtered and shown thru the customized WM Stock Lists selecting LX02 or LX03:


Also in this case, the information provided by the customized WM Stock Lists selecting LX02 or LX03 available thru the BOE dashboard, includes all standard data plus information on the Free-Zone management and Vendor batch:





All above 4 reports can be filtered, sorted and exported from WINGs. Free-zone information are also available in the Activity Reports for Outbound Deliveries

Information related to Partner's POs is made available to the Partners thru UNHRD Portal on the on-line Stock Report. In case UNHRD staff wants to access this information same details are provided on the Staff portal Stock Report