1.4 Notify the Customer that Request is being Processed

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Notification to Partner
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S: Representative
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

Notify the Customer that the request is being processed and communicate the reference (Inquiry) number that should be used in the future for all communications pertaining to this NFI/ service request. The notifications to Partner must be sent by 24 hours from the receipt of their requests.

In case of requests received during non-duty hours, a notification message to the Partner has to be sent, still by 24 hours from receipt of request, in order to acknowledge that his\her request has been received and will be processes in a short lapse of time. The idea is to give a perception to the Partners that UNHRD is always ready to respond to any request, at any time.

The Inquiry number will be replaced by the Quotation and then Sales Order and the PI when these will be available.