1.3 File the Customer Inquiry

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File the Customer Inquiry
Performer: Customer Service
Role: C.S. Representative
Transaction : Corporate e-mail

The UNHRD Customer Service mailbox represents the entry point for all users to access the UNHRD‟s services. All requests for services should be sent by email to one of the following dedicated email addresses

To make the UCS mailbox more effective, the following colour coding has to be applied to the msgs received in the UCS inbox

The customized categories shown below are available in UCS shared mailbox so that they will match with the colour code assigned to each hub:


When a request is received into the Customer Service e-mail account, each UCS representative has to apply the relevant category to messages that fall under the pertinence of his/her Hub, by right-clicking on each message and pick the category assigned to the Hub. By doing this the visible effect of UCS inbox becomes more consistent. In general the following rules should be applied for the management of UNHRD.Customerservice inbox

  • leave the messages unread when not yet processed
  • remove any message related to a request that has been fully processes/taken in charge, to avoid storage of a large number of data in the UCS inbox (IT IS NOT AN ARCHIVE)
  • DO NOT create folders, as UCS mailbox is not considered as a repository place for the ongoing or closed operations
  • DO NOT use UNHRD.Customerservice email as a tool to communicate with co-workers at all levels; in case it is required to share messages with co-workers that perform UCS actions, just enter their mail accounts in the cc box or use the UNHRD CS Reppresentatives distribution list to reach all those that performs such functions.
  • if there is a need to send a broadcast message to all the UCS representatives, select the distribution list UNHRD CS Representatives
  • as per UNHRD SOP, recommend to the Partners to enter in the subject line of their emails, the name of the involved country/destination should always be mentioned. The manager of the HRD involved in the transaction should be copied on the email by them.
  • each request coming through the UNHRD Customer Service mailbox should be marked with WINGS reference number (initially the Inquiry, then the Quotation, then Sales Order and the PI); same WINGS number should be copied in all subsequent e-mail's subject to identify the transaction/request)
  • Requests to update both access to UCS mailbox and UCS distribution list are processed by Support Across the Network unit